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  • Nov 23, 2023

Check Stubs: Everything You Need To Know

Check Stub is a crucial part of every business- both for an employee and employer. Generally, large-scale business partners with the payroll companies to handle the processing of check stubs for their employees.


You might have better choices as a small-scale business looking to spend less. This blog will clarify check stubs and everything you should know about them.


Paystubs are crucial records proper for both you and your team members. However, the laws and traditions governing pay stubs vary from nation to nation and even state to state.


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What are Check Stubs?


A check stubs, also known as a payslip, is a document that accompanies a cheque showcasing details regarding the amount paid. Check stubs include a stub number, employee and employer information, the amount paid, pay period and pay rate, deductions, and employer taxes.


Do You Need A Check Stubs?


Check Stubs are a basic need for any employee. As an employer, you owe it to your employees to provide one. Other than it being required by the state laws, they are also required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Between the States Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act, which urge you to provide one, check stubs are helpful for the employees. It helps them keep track of their pay and deductions.


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What is The Purpose of A Pay Stub?


Employees are given accurate records of their hours worked and remuneration via check stubs. This enables them to verify the accuracy of the money received and pay taxes on time.


Check Stubs are also helpful in preventing and settling payment-related disagreements between an employer and an employee.


Paycheck Stubs are necessary documentation of income while applying for loans.


Pay Stub: How Can You Make One?


To generate a check stubs for your employees, which is professional, you can utilize the specialized payroll softwares. Both paid and free packages are available.


Once you’re done selecting a pay stub tool, enter all the essential information, and the software will create a paycheck stubs for you. The pay stub can be sent via email to your employees.


What Information is Included on a Pay Stub?


How Can I Determine My AGI from a Check Stubs?


Deduct the total of your employee’s deductions from their gross pay to determine their adjusted gross income (AGI) from their pay stubs. The (AGI) is the total taxable income of an employee.


How Can I Get A Check Stubs?


You should be able to access your employee’s pay stubs online via the payroll systems if you use payroll software. If your firm has payroll software, you can obtain pay stubs through it if you’re an employee.


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Best Method For Check Stubs:


The best practice is to ensure that the employees might see their pay stubs per the state regulations mentioned previously.


Though you can provide them electronically via your payroll system, in most cases, it entails printing off a paper copy.


To make your pay stub complete, the following items should be on it:


  • Personnel Name
  • Date and Deduction of Pay 
  • Working Hours
  • Gross Income
  • Net Pay
  • Deductions
  • Information about Direct Deposits


Wrapping Up


There are many options available for small and medium-sized businesses looking to generate check stubs in the budget bracket. A check stubs generator can help you remove the tedious manual generating process. However, when choosing a generator, you need something that costs less and offers accuracy; Stubbuilder is your answer!


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