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  • Sep 19, 2023

How to Get Pay Stubs from Old Job?

Are you applying for a new job? Looking to own a new car? If yes, you will need past pay stubs as proof of income and employment. Pay stubs are a physical record of wages and deductions for each pay period. These records should be kept as proof of income and employment by you in case you might need it anytime and anywhere.


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How to Obtain Pay Stubs from Old Job?


Contact HR Department


The HR department at your old job can come in handy in providing you with the documentation you need. You can request them with old copies of your pay stub and other payroll records.


It is best to contact the HR department as soon as possible. Some companies might require a week or two to gather relevant information. 


The office might ask you:


  • Date of employment
  • Social security number
  • Employee ID
  • Applicable pay periods


Confidential information might get stolen easily. To protect yourself, share this information in person only.


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Ask for an Employer-Signed Letter


If the HR department cannot provide you with the pay stub, you can ask for a letter from the employer, which the employer signs.


The letter should include your year-to-date earnings. Make sure that the letter is signed on the company letterhead. Make copies of the letter yourself and provide the original to the recipient. 


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Use an Online Check Stub Generator


Can you use an online check stub generator to create paystubs? Well, if you didn’t know about this, now you do. These online generators will easily allow you to generate pay stubs.


You will be needed to provide them with the following:


  • Company Information
  • Your Name
  • Work Schedule
  • Salary Details


Once you’re done providing these details, choose a theme you like, and the generator will immediately provide you with a fresh-looking pay stub.


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So now you know how to get a pay stub from your old firm. So, if you are applying for a new job, follow these steps and grab your pay stub from the old firm because it will come in handy!


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