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W-2 Form 2021

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Interested In Generating W2 Form 2021?

Here is the most simple and laziest way to generate your W2 form 2021. It’s very simple!

What Is A W2 Form?

The W2 form is essential for the employees and the employers. The W2 form is provided by the employer that comprises the annual wages with a detailed breakdown of the taxes and other relevant deductions. As per the rules and regulations, every employer should create a separate W2 form for each employee and send it during the year-end. The employees who pay the annual taxes to the government use the W2 form 2021


Why Do Employers Prefer Using The W2 Generator?

The W2 form is one of the most important tax documents for every employee. The W2 generators are preferred to quickly calculate the yearly wages and tax deductions and file the W2 forms.

The salary is credited to the employees after the employers deduct the taxes. This helps the employees to understand how much salary they got in hand and the taxes deducted by the employer.

Let’s just give a quick W2 form example; if the employee receives the W2 form in January 2022, the form will comprise the details of the entire 2021 year.

This form is sent to the employees by the end of January month. Either the form is received in the mail or the hardcopy format. Freelancers and independent workers don’t get a W2 form; they receive a 1099 misc form.

Quick Benefits Of Creating W2 Forms Through Stub Builder

Instant Generation Of The W3 Form

You might be wondering how W3 form suddenly came into the picture. When using our W2 form generation service, the W3 form is generated automatically for further convenience.

Mail W2 Form To The Employees

If you’re unable to send the form, opt for W 2 form download, and we’re ready to share the copies of the form directly to the employee on your behalf. We guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied with our mailing service.

100% Form Validation

The W2 form follows the IRS. business rules can only be used by the employees during the taxation period. When using our W2 form creation service, the downloaded forms are validated against the IRS business rules. The chances are null of your W2 form getting rejected.

What Are The Details Necessary To File The W2 Form?

Before you think about the W2 form 2021 pdf, you should know which details are required to fill the W2 form. Please have a look below.

  • Employee Information- Name, current residence, official contact details, and SSN.
  • Employer Information – Name, current residence, official contact details, EIN, and employer type
  • FICA Details – Retain Medicare taxes and social security number
  • Local Tax Details – Details of the retain income tax
  • Federal Details – The details of the federal wages and the retain federal tax

Have you gathered this information beforehand? Get your W2 form copy within 2 minutes!

How Can You File Your W2 Form 2021 Online?

Now, you can file your W2 form 2021 online with Stub Builder by following a few steps. Please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Filling The Information In The W2 Form

You have to fill in all the asked details in the forms like employer information, employee information, FICA details, Federal details, and local tax details. Ensure that whatever information you’re putting should be accurate.

  • Reviewing The Filled W2 Form

Now, you have to review the information you’ve entered in the W2 form. If there are any errors, you can correct them and move further.

  • Switching From W2 to SSA

This is the final step where you’re transmitting the details to the Social Security Administration (SSA)

Interested In Filing Your W2 Form Online?

It’s very easy, safe, and secure.
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If you have some doubts and queries regarding filing the W2 form, reach our customer support team through the official mail ID.