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W-2 Form 2020

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Learn about the W2 form 2020 in a nutshell

You can learn about the w2 forms 2020 in a nutshell here.


The W2 form or the wages and tax statement is a document that the employer gives to the employee and the IRS.. This document needs to be issued at the end of every year. This document includes the employee's annual salary and the amount of tax withheld from the employee’s paycheck.  As per the law, each and every employee must have a separate w2 form 2020 made by the employer or the firm.

How to get a W2 form?

If you are thinking about where and how to get a W2 form, then under the law, it should be handed to you by your employer each and every single year. If you still don’t have the W2 form, you should contact your employer to issue you the form as soon as possible because it is very important.

If you wonder how I can get my w2 online 2020, you can get a form online through w2 form generators. You can get an online form very easily and very quickly. An online form reduces the paperwork, and there is no risk of losing the form; hence, it is very convenient.

What are the main things required in a W2 form?

On a W2 form, information about the employee, his earnings, and your firm should be present.

About Business/Firm

  • Name of business entity, address, contact information, and state tax ID

About employee

  • Name of the employee, address, contact information, and social security number

About his earnings

  • Total wages, Medicare wages, social security number and other compensations

Common mistakes made by people that you should avoid

People make mistakes while making their w2 form; in such cases, one can refer to the w2 form 2020 pdf. The employer can be penalized for making such mistakes. Some mistakes are-

  • Incorrect business name or employee name
  • Incorrect social security number
  • Utilizing form from a wrong year
  • Not filing before the given deadline
  • Usage of titles in the names field
  • Missing the EIN

What if you have multiple jobs?

We know that an employer has to give a W2 form separately to each and every employee at the end of every year. If you have two jobs, then both of your employers must provide you with w2 forms, and hence you would have two W2 forms. If you are not provided with even one of the forms, then you should contact your employee or the IRS, or you can do the w2 form 2020 download by making them online. Otherwise, there will be serious problems lying ahead of you. If you have your forms, then attach them to the tax return files and submit them before the deadline to get your refund early.

What if I lost my W2 form?

The most common problem is how I can get my w2 if I lose them? There are several things you can try if you have lost your form since it is very important.

  • You should try to contact the IRS or go to their online website and apply for an extension.
  • Use a W2 form generator since it is an excellent way to keep your form online without much paperwork.
  • You can also contact your current or previous employee, who can mail you the form online.

If you have any queries regarding filling w2 form 2020, you can contact our customer support center through the given mail.