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  • Nov 1, 2023

Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub?

Pay stub provides valuable information on employees and how much they earn. As for Pay stubs, fake pay stubs have gained immense attention. For example, in 2016, a police officer used a fake pay stub while applying for a car loan and later was charged with loan fraud.


So, in this blog, we have curated and listed down everything you need to know about the difference between a real pay stub and a fake pay stub. Read for some hunting? Let’s go!


Difference Between Salary & Hourly Paystub


Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub


All the Basic Information Provided Should be Accurate and Correct


A Fake Pay Stub Generator might contain generic information, and the person generating that stub may have missed the details.


If any basic information like name, occupation, or date of birth needs to be corrected, you have made an enormous mistake. Spelling mistakes are another pit of trouble for you as an accountant will generally spot them and rectify them- but a fake pay stub generator won’t. A genuine pay stub will automatically colonize the employee’s information as stored in the company’s system, so there should not be any error.


What Information is Included on a Pay Stub?


All the Digits and Decimals should be in a straight line


When accountants create pay stubs, they do it accurately. That means all the digits and decimals points should be lined up properly throughout the pay stub, leaving no room for mistakes. A fake pay stub will clearly look like it was put together in Microsoft Word.


There should be a Difference Between O and 0


When it comes down to spotting a fake pay stub, small details make all the difference. The pay stub should have a transparent distinction between 0 and O; you shall see a line through 0.


Estimations and Roundups should be Lesser


Real pay stubs are generated by genuine accountants who care for a single cent. That is why estimations and roundups should be less. If you notice too many numbers rounded nearest to zero, estimations that look fake, you need to ensure you’re not dealing with a fake.


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It should be Lucid


If the pay stub is hard to read and the numbers don’t match up exactly, it strongly indicates that it is a fake. A genuine pay stub with good-quality paper and printer ink will be legible and easily understood.


How to Spot a Fake Pay Stub?


To avoid a fake pay stub, check all the essential information thoroughly, be on the lookout for any errors in the numbers and formatting, and check the overall quality of the pay stub.




Now that you know how to spot a fake pay stub and the difference between a real and a fake pay stub, there shouldn’t be any trouble for you.


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