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  • Sep 25, 2023

Doing Your Taxes can you use your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes?

While preparing for your taxes online, there are various essential income related documents that you need to have on your table. The main is a W–2 form which is supposedly to be mailed to you before the year end by your employer.


A W-2 form contains all the vital information which is relevant to your annual income as well as the tax amount that your employer has withheld for that year. The law states that your employer sends you the W-2 form latest by Jan 31st the following year.


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After that the IRS grant a 15-day grace period to allow for postal hang-ups and other disruption. The W-2 form therefore is a crucial and important document while filing your taxes. But if you don’t have a W-2 form with you then can you use your last pay stub to file taxes? Let’s find out.


Can you use your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes?


If you’re not able to obtain your W-2 form, you can file it online by usng your final pay stub for that particular year. That is because your december pay stub showcases your accumulative figures as well as figures which are withheld from you.


Though you will be needing your employer identification number and as it is not printed on your pay stub you will have to ask your employer for it.


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Providing an incorrect employer identification number can land you in trouble as this could see your proceeding period being getting audited. If you know about this information you can start filing out your taxes.


But when it comes down to filing taxes online, IRS has it that service provided is free only to those people who are earnings below $57,000. If you earn more income than the figure mentioned in a year then you will be required to file your taxes by printing and mailing the return.


Additionally, if you’re living in Guam, The CommonWealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, you might also not be able to file your taxes. You shall prepare your tax return online but you will need to print and mail it.


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Using your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes:


In order to use your last pay stub to file taxes you will be needing the Form 4852. Let’s discuss about this form.


Form 4852: The IRS Form 4852 is used when a W-2 form hasn’t arrived or when there is no W-2 form available. The IRS states that the 4852 form shall only be used when when you’re not able to retrieve your W-2 form.


Form 4852 is not designed to help get your refund faster, but it is an alternative of W-2s when it do not arrive on time.


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Finishing the Form 4852:


You shall utilize the year-to-date information to fill out this form. You have to provide your personal information like:



Let’s understand the Form 4852:


Though the Form 4852 isn’t an official tax filing form, you will need to state your reasons to use it. In addition to mentioning what year the form is for, you will also need to verify that you were unable to obtain tax form from your employer. If it is applicable then you can say that you have received an incorrect form.


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Paystub information:


You will need to being with filing in your name, address and Tax ID number of your employer. After you have inserted this information you shall include remaining information into the pay stub remaining field. The following information is to be taken out from your pay stub:



After filing out this information you can proceed to certify it.


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Certifying your Information:


Below the taxes and wages information you will need to explain on how you arrived at the amount that you have listed down. You can do that by stating a simple statement:


Amount obtained from final pay stub of the relevant tax year. Before you sign the form, make sure to offer an additional explanation of your efforts in order ot get W-2 form from your employer.


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Signing and Submitting:


It’s crucial to note that the IRS do not accept electronic form 4852. You will need to print it then mail it. Therefore, make sure to include it with the rest of your documentations.




Consider this information whenever you are stuck up about filing your taxes with last pay stub and you shall find your answer in this blog and you will be easily on your way.


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