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  • Aug 7, 2023

Imputed Income on My Pay Stub

Do you feel that Imputed Income is a complicated topic? Imputed income is a complex topic, but the basics are straightforward. When an individual’s income is above the brink for a certain tax bracket, as they don’t have enough deductions to fully outweigh this income, the difference which arises is known as imputed income. In this article, all your questions regarding Imputed Income will be answered!


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What do you mean by Imputed Income?


People who say, “Why should I owe tax money I never saw”?; understanding imputed income can be very complex for them. When a person does not have enough deductions to outweigh their whole income during a year, they are then compelled to pay taxes on the amount taxed at a higher rate.


This means that some people who cannot make progress in lowering their taxable income below their standard deduction brink shall still be claiming every deduction possible and simply expect to pay more in terms of taxes each year due to those deductions.


Understanding imputed income is crucial to making safe financial decisions and is also highly relevant, like lending money to a family. It is the value of employees’ advantage and other inputs employers provide.


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Examples of Imputed Income


Below is a list of common examples of whether the fringe benefits that you provide to your employee must be taxed or not:


  • Group term life insurance stating a value of more than $50,000
  • Using a car for personal reasons
  • Used more than $5,250 for educational support
  • Remuneration of non-deductible expenses
  • Employees discounts that are greater than the tax-free amount
  • A gym membership is considered a fitness incentive


Exclusion Examples


There are numerous advantages which are not reported as income. Things like adoption assistance are generally immune unless they don’t exceed the tax-free levels.


Some of the exclusions are:


  • Health and Accident Insurance
  • Medical expenses accounts
  • Group term life insurance meals with the largest payout of $50,000
  • Adoption helps in the tax-free amount
  • Employers provided cell phones which are mostly used for education on help up to $5,250


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Let’s understand Imputation


Understanding imputation income is extremely important for saving for retirement and understanding the tax implications of distinct benefits offered by employers today, so be sure you’re aware.


Income not received or taken as a paycheck is known as Imputed Income. For example, when an employee completes the work over the summer and is not salaried for it until the next year.


Imputed income is mentioned below at the bottom of the W-2 form as an allowance subject to federal income tax. This might differ from the total wages in this article and shall be included in the total taxes column of the form for a more detailed breakdown. The amount of the imputed income may vary depending on how much time was spent during different periods throughout the year.


In many scenarios, employees are not allowed the work until they are fully back at work and have prepared their yearly paycheck for taxes, which may be a problem in some scenarios. There are some scenarios where the employer might compensate an employee for the current work after it has been done, reducing their taxable income and leaving less to be taxed for a later date.


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Imputed Income From The Base


As you know by now, the employer does not pay an imputed income. It will not appear on the employee’s W-2 form but as “other income” or “non-taxable treatment” on a 1099-MISC form.


The Internal Revenue System (IRS) has strict rules and regulations regarding imputed income. For this reason, it is crucial to understand imputed income from its roots. When a person deliberately does work around his own home and does not charge himself for work, or when a person receives a legacy. These are the scenarios where imputed income comes into play without violating the IRS guidelines.


Calculate Child Support using Imputed Income


As said earlier, you can apply imputed income for child support cases. The amount of child support an employee may pay depends upon their imputed income. For example, a person cannot pay a certain amount for child support because they’re unemployed. So, going through imputed income, the court may set a lower child support amount.


Establishing imputed income and child support standards prevents people from eagerly remaining unemployed or working in a low-wage job to reduce child support obligations.


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Income Earned & Paychecks


Deduction of Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA) from employees’ taxable wages is a must. However, no federal income tax can be withheld from the imputed earnings. So, imputed income is subjected to federal income tax withholding. Employees can accept to have federal income tax withheld from their imputed pay. They can pay the amount overdue for the federal income tax when they file their tax return.


Reporting Imputed Income


Imputed income must be filed on form W-2 to efficiently demonstrate the employee’s taxable wage-related income. Fill out the W-2 form for every employee who has imputed income. In form W-2, enter the imputed income in column 12 using the code C. Include the imputed income amount in boxes 1,3,5. 




Imputed Income is crucial in managing your paystub. It’s a document which you should keep on top of your list. It’s important to inform your employees that the penalties will be applied if their withholdings are inadequate.


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