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  • Jan 15, 2020

How Do I Get My Printable Pay Stubs?

Printable Pay Stubs are least bothered at times by people who receive pay as direct deposit. How convenient it is to get the salary directly in your bank account?

One may think that what is the need for a physical paycheck when you get paid on time? Some may not even realize the worth of a pay stub until the need arises.

If you are one of such people, this blog is for you.

What are Printable Pay Stubs?

Is there any difference between printable pay stubs & real check stubs that you already know? The answer is NO! When a user downloads and gets a printable copy of the pay stub, it is prefixed as printable that’s all.

Check Stub Maker for Employees vs. Contractor

It is a concept supporting the idea of E-Pay. The employees or individuals receiving paychecks can save the digital copy of their earnings statement and get it printed whenever required.

This should be the basic idea one needs to carry in mind and one should not ignore having check stubs on time in the E-mail from the employer. Even if you’re a freelancer, you will need the pay stubs at the end of the year for paying tax returns.

Let’s know more about this.

The Importance of Real Check Stubs

  1. Real Check Stubs are evidence of your earnings. You can produce it for taking out loans, renting apartments, or applying for another job.
  2. The last paychecks can also be used to file tax returns. It helps you to be assured of paying the correct amount for taxes.
  3. You get to know the amount being deducted from your paystubs and for what purpose. What benefits you’ve been receiving from the firm? What is the bonus amount added this month? All such details are crystal clear when you have a paycheck stub.
  4. Planning holidays, tracking income, and strategizing budgets get simplified when you have YTD pay stubs right in front of your eyes.

These are a few basic things that should be known by every working individual and taxpayer.

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Why Employers may or may not give paycheck stubs online?

To your surprise, paycheck stub online may or may not be accessed by all employers. The federal law does not require all the states to produce paychecks. Some states have laws that require employers to give a written pay statement to the employees.

When you’re unsure about what your state law permits, you can ask your employer if they will provide a check stub or not. You can request one if you need it. This applies to anyone employed by small or large firms. They can thus get their copy of printable pay stubs.

Freelancers or contractors are hired for a specific term and they should record their income using a check stub maker. Thus, it will be accessible anytime and anywhere.

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