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  • Oct 17, 2019

Check Stub Maker for Employees vs. Contractors

Check stub maker is a common tool that can be efficiently squeezed for both – employees as well as contractors. One can also say that it’s a universal tool for anyone wishing to create instant printable pay stubs online with the highest accuracy and affordability.

No matter if you’re on an expedition to make real check stubs for the very first time or are used to it, spotting the difference between the two types of paystubs created using a single tool will be an addition to your knowledge.

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You should leave no room for doubts when creating paychecks online as there is a fine line of difference between a potential employee’s payroll making and an independent contractor. Clarifying this further, when an independent contractor is mentioned, plumbers, freelancers, and similar service providers are pointed out. They are the ones who are associated with the firm based on contract and are not hired permanently.  Here you go!

Making Real Check Stubs for Employees & Contractors is different

The very first thing you should do while making real check stubs is to be careful with the check/uncheck of the box which separates the two. Furthermore, you will like to check this…

Pay Duration

Employees are given payroll at their scheduled payday. This duration is fixed for them i.e. weekly or monthly. The pay period is decided at the time of hiring the employee and the duration of employment is also mentioned. Your employees work for fixed hours and are paid accordingly. They are paid overtime too.

Why anyone can make Real Check Stubs online?

On this, independent contractors are hired when needed. For instance, when an employee will not be available for a month, a freelancer can be hired for this duration only. Also, a plumber or electrician is not a full-time employee, they are called when needed & paid for the respective services. There is no scope for paying overtime here as they can work at their convenience and the firm owner is concerned with the job getting done.


Employees receive perks of bonuses & overtime while taxes & deductions are also cut off from their paystub by our check stubs generator. On the other hand, contractors refrain from the benefits received by full-time employees. Moreover, they are not liable to get tax deducted from the payroll they receive.

Hope you got your basics cleared. Isn’t it a good time to make check stubs now?!

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