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  • Apr 9, 2020

7 Must-check FAQs for Pay Stub Builder

Pay stub builder have become one of the most popular online check stub calculators now. Users familiar with this online facility already know how to make the most out of it. Those who are using this service for the first time on our site may have some questions popping in their minds.

We’re sharing a list of FAQs to have a check on.

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Seven must-check FAQs for Pay Stub Builder

  1. How will I get my Pay Stub?

Once you finish filling out the details, preview & pay for the respective stub(s), you’ll have to provide an Email ID to receive the paychecks. Once you enter the Email, it will be instantly made available for download and use. In case, if you don’t find it in your Primary mailbox, check for it in junk or spam folder.

  1. Is it possible to get my stub in the mail?

You can only get your paystub delivered via email. We don’t ship or mail paystubs.

  1. How to create check stubs in an orderly manner?

Creating realcheckstubs in an orderly manner is an issue for those who are making bulk paychecks. All you can do is add the latest date first to avail it in an orderly manner.

  1. Can I change the template?

No changes can be made with the existing layout of the template once you have paid for it. However, you may change the template when in preview mode i.e. before making the payment.

  1. Will the taxes, YTD and other calculation on my paystub be precise?

The automated check stubs generator is made available after rigorous testing. In case, if any taxes amounts are updated by the government, we upgrade our tool for the respective amounts. You can breathe relief as the calculations will be 100% accurate.

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  1. I made a mistake in my order; how can I correct it now?

Users are provided with a “Preview” option in second step of stub making. It is your responsibility to check the details of the paycheck thoroughly. Still, if you made a mistake by ignoring the preview, we can help you out.

Reach out our Live Chat Support and our Customer Care Team will try to resolve it within working days according to our terms & conditions.

  1. Are pay stubs legal documents?

No, real check stubs online are only evidence of income. They contain company details and every essential detail that qualify it is genuine but they aren’t legal. Whatever, they are still accepted as proof of income.

That’s all folks!

If you still have queries, check out all FAQs here or make check stubs online.