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  • Feb 24, 2020

5 Common Mistakes with Pay Stub Builder

Pay stub builder is one of the handy tools for payroll management. Millions of users are taking benefit of this online facility daily. Though it takes a few minutes to make a paycheck stub online, users still make silly mistakes. This requires rework in turn.

Let’s have a look at the common mistakes made by users so you know what you should ‘not’ do while using a check stub maker.

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Common Mistakes with Pay Stub Builder

1. Data Entry Errors

As people know that paycheck stubs can be made on the go with an online paystub calculator, they take it too lightly sometimes. In rush hours, they often make mistakes in entering the employees’ & company’s basic details.

Spelling mistakes may create a different meaning and it can be a costly error. Such mistakes may lead to paycheck rejection for name mismatch while availing credit facilities. You then realize the importance of precision in data entry.

2. Employee Selection

While making paycheckstubonline, you have to select the type of employee it is being created for. Depending on the employee type, the paystub generator is designed to calculate net pay. Some users forget to select the right employee type i.e. employee or independent contractor. This leads to incorrect payroll calculations.

If not previewed properly, the check stub turns out to be something different than it should be.

Which mistakes can be corrected with paycheck stub online?

3. Forgetting to Select the Template

When you have been delivering paychecks to your employees in specific templates then this uniformity should be maintained. It dictates your professional attitude when paycheck stubs are well-formatted and appears similar. Changing the paystub design frequently will snatch away genuineness.

The key is to stick to the same pay stub template design that you have been using throughout the year.

4. Email Address Issue

Once you make check stubs online, the only way to get it is in your Email box. After paying for the paycheck, if you don’t care to recheck the Email ID you add to get the check stubs then it is your mistake. This mistake puts you in a situation where you cannot even claim that it was you who made the paycheck.

Thus, you should be very careful while entering an Email address.

5. Skipping Preview

Overconfidence leads to errors undoubtedly. Most online pay stub making sites provide preview options once all the details are filled in and net pay is calculated. Take this as a rule of thumb to never skip step-2 i.e. Preview. It causes rework as well as gets time and cost-consuming matters.

Make Realcheckstubs in 3 Easy Steps!

Accurate realcheckstubs are only three steps away. By entering the essential details, the automated calculations will be performed by the pay stub builder. The payroll is thus available for instant download and use. You don’t need to make any manual calculations but be attentive during this process of a few minutes.

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