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  • Jan 2, 2020

Which Mistakes can be Corrected with Paycheck Stub Online?

Making paycheck stub online is the most legit experience of payroll, agree? Besides creating pay stubs on the go, users are free from the worries of managing it.

As it can be stored digitally and exist in your mailbox, accessing it anytime is very convenient. But, finding a mistake in your paystub and realizing it later is no less than a nightmare.

Why anyone can make real check stubs online?

What would you do if you find your paystub contains an error at the last minute? Do you think there is a way out? Well, Yes. But, not always!

Showing attentiveness for a few minutes while using the check stubs generator will save you from unnecessary worries at the last moment. This seems so breezy that some people take it lightly that no matter what, they will get their stubs corrected easily. However, you cannot rely on corrected stubs always. It is better to show alert-mindedness during the ‘preview’ step.

The goodness of ‘free corrections’ can be reaped undoubtedly, but, here is all you need to know…

Beware of the timings!

There are time limitations when you want to get your real check stubs free corrected at no cost. For instance, it can be only 24 hours or some websites allow users to request any corrections until 48 hours of check stub making. Once this duration lapses, you lose the chance to get the same pay stub with the modification you seek.

In case, if you make check stubs online months ago and when you print a copy later and find that it contains errors, you are helpless. You may have to create a new one by paying for it. You may think like why we are stressing over this matter and elaborating this much but it is for users like you who can avoid silly mistakes and save time and money by doing so.

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Some misconceptions regarding corrections…

Some users have a mindset like ‘What if I made a mistake in a DIY paystub? I will find a way out.’  But, do you have that much time to start the three-step process again?! Also, not all the websites provide free correction facilities and when you are turning towards savings by using check stub maker, why would you even opt for chargeable corrections?

The Possible Corrections you can Request

While making printable pay stubs with Stub Builder, our support team can help you out with the nominal corrections like Employee Name, Employer’s Name, or Pay Period. This can be corrected if any user requests for the same within 24 hours of the stub making. We can do it free of cost but the final decision of corrections lies with our customer support team.

The rule of thumb is to avoid reaching this stage by making a paycheck stub online with attentiveness.

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