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  • Dec 1, 2023

How Long Does HR Have To Investigate A Complaint?

Complaints to HR can be about a vast array of things. In some cases, complaints are minor and might not require follow-up. However, in some cases, complaints made to HR might require interviews, collection of data, and a thorough investigation involving a legal team. Are you looking to create a paystub for free? Stubbuilder is your answer to it.

The time it takes to fulfill will ultimately depend on the HR department, the company, and the nature of the complaint.

On average, HR takes 3 days a week to investigate a complaint. This can take longer or shorter periods, depending upon the abovementioned factors.

In this blog, we shall explore how long HR has to investigate a complaint and its relevant details.

How long does HR have to investigate a complaint?

An HR department will take three days a week to investigate a complaint. Many things impact the time it takes HR to investigate a complaint. This includes:

=> The Firm and the specific HR department

=> What the complaint is about

=> Number of witnesses that need to be spoken to

If the complaint does not involve many other people, then the complaint might be investigated in a single day.

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How Is An HR Investigation Carried Out?

If someone has complained about you, knowing what you should expect next is good. HR investigations are sensitive, so you must carry this investigation out properly. Let us take the steps an HR shall take during the complaint investigation.

1. Immediate Action Necessary Will Be Taken: The first step in any investigation is to take action which is needed immediately. It is against the advice to discipline an employee before you have conducted a study, as this step can also backfire.

If HR feels they must protect the person who has complained, they should do it immediately. In some cases, HR may need to send an employee home for the day or adjust schedules to keep employees separated during an investigation.

2. The Investigation Will be Planned Out: HR must decide how to conduct their investigation. HR will gather information surrounding the complaint at this moment. This can be any witness statement or email.

3. Information will be Collected: This is the next step in gathering any necessary information for them to investigate the complaint in the complete process.

4. Decision Will Be Made: HR will now decide on the complaint. They will decide upon the evidence gathered and the result of the complaint.

Now, this part is complicated; if the complaint is particular, HR must be careful that no legal risks can arise at any point. This is where HR will consult their legal advisor to ensure everything is in order before they decide.

5. Write Up the Decision: The next stage in this process is to generate a report. If HR already decided an action, they must write it up.

This will happen only if:

=> A written warning

=> A termination

=> A probation

This will go to the legal team, who will review the decision. Sometimes, it will be someone who is not aware who is not aware of the investigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do HR Have to Investigate A Complaint?

Companies must legally investigate most of the complaints that they receive. They must legally investigate any complaints related to discrimination, harassment, and safety. Most organizations will choose to discuss every complaint they receive with the legal team to ensure they are taking the necessary steps for everyone.

2. How long does HR have to investigate a complaint?

This will vary depending on your company. Generally, it takes from 3 days to a week.

3. How Do You File A Complaint With HR?

If you want to file a complaint, you should discuss this with your HR department, who shall provide you with the correct direction.

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The length of HR’s time to investigate complaints will depend on the following factors.

=> The nature of the complaint, the firm and the HR department.

=> Complaints will be investigated within three days to a week.

Investigators should begin as soon as the complaint is received to ensure that no problem arises and that the complaint is solved in an orderly manner. If you want to create free paystub when you need proof of income, check out Stubbuilder.