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  • Dec 9, 2019

Check Stubs Online: The Simplest Payroll Solution

“Why should I make check stubs online?” – If you are one of those who question this then this read is for you.

This online payroll making facility has benefitted one and all with its accessibility and affordability. Businesses and freelancers are thankful for this as they can make real check stubs with convenience like never before.

Check Stub Maker for Employees vs. Contractors

Users can easily follow the guidelines given by the IRS that payroll should be retained for a full of four years after the fourth quarter. Record-keeping is a must when you are into any type of business and what’s better than a check stubs generator. What will you think of first when you need a copy of your payroll anytime or anywhere? It’s undoubtedly an online paystub generator.

The paystub received as a digital copy can be printed whenever required. It’s a document that satisfies government requirements, loan or mortgage applications, housing applications or school enrollments. There may be situations when you have to produce it on demand and so the key is to have them readily available.

The Requirements for an Employer

The federal government does not require employers to issue or retain real check stubs. Employers need to have full control over the making and accessibility of payroll records. Most employers will think of reducing the cost of the paystubs process and improving efficiency alongside protecting company information.

All of this can be achieved with paystub maker online.

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What should a real check stub include?

According to the Fair Labour Standards Act and the Social Security Administration, the following things must be included:

  1. Employee’s name and address
  2. SSN (Social Security Number)
  3. Gender
  4. Occupation
  5. Worker’s Date of Birth
  6. Payroll Period
  7. Pay Date
  8. Total Number of Hours Worked
  9. Pay Date
  10. Regular Wages and Overtime Pay
  11. Any additions and dedications from pay

The above-mentioned details will be included in the pay stub.

Create Printable Pay Stubs now!

Do you want to create printable pay stubs? Do you have the basic required information with you? Then it’s a good day to make one right now. No matter the number of real check stubs that you want to make, be assured to get all of them created in only a few minutes and delivered instantly as soon as you pay for it. You won’t get any other pay stub making facility as accessible as this, so why don’t you give it a try?

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