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  • Dec 25, 2019

Dos & Don’ts as you Make Check Stubs Online

As you make check stubs online, you have to keep certain things in mind. Some users forget that they are making a vital document that will be used as evidence of income.

To make sure that you avoid pitfalls while using real check stubs, we have listed Dos & Don’ts. Keep reading…

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Dos while using Check Stubs Generator

  1. Enter genuine details only
  2. Make the most of the check stubs generator offers so you benefit yourselves.
  3. Add a logo to the check stub if it is available. It adds to the professional outline of the paycheck stub.
  4. Have all the details ready beforehand for faster paystub making
  5. Once the details are filled in and you are taken to the preview stage, check the information for correctness.
  6. Every detail should be double-checked so that mistakes are avoided and rework does not happen
  7. Preserve your printable pay stubs for at least 3 years. It’s okay if you have a digital copy too.
  8. Keep an offline copy of the pay stub so that you can get it printed in case of an emergency.

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Don’ts while making Paycheck Stub Online

With paycheck stub online, users may make mistakes and realize them when it is too late. We don’t want you to do the same so here are some DON’TS listed for you.

  1. Making paystubs at the last moment
  2. Not going through the paystub calculator tool once & seeing what details will be needed to fill it
  3. Overlooking to preview the details considering that they are definitely correct.
  4. Reaching out to the support team at the last minute thinking that they are always there to rectify errors for you.
  5. Not preserving the paycheck stubs after tax season.
  6. Forgetting to select the number of stub periods you want to include at a time.
  7. Entering the incorrect Email address and then waiting for the real check stubs to arrive.

Besides this, if you think you know more things that should be remembered or avoided, do share it with us.

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