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  • Oct 12, 2020

How to Get Deposit Slip with Free Paystub Generator Online?

We have switched over to better financial management with free paystub generator online. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best tools you would ever use to create pay stubs for employees.

Most employers find it more convenient to send off electronic paychecks. And, sometimes, they also choose to create deposit slips.

The Bookkeeping services company, payroll providers, or business bank accounts usually offer a deposit slip facility. But, as you make check stubs free online, you don’t need to worry as to where you can find them.

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What information do you need for the direct deposit slip?

Direct deposit slips will require you some basic employee information. Also, you may be required to add local and federal laws disclosures in your communication with payees. Make sure you are aware of the regulations in your area.

Simply stated, the information needed for the deposit slips will almost be the same as realcheckstubs. So, instead of doubling your efforts, you can create a deposit slip online using the same check stub maker interface that you use to create paycheck stubs.

Want a Deposit Slip? Just one extra step with our Check Stub Maker

You must be familiar with the paystub calculator tool shown above.

Yes, it is the same tool that you use to make check stubs free. (Highlight #1)

So, you only have to scroll through the left-side panel & you can see the Direct Deposit Slip option. (Highlight #2) As you click on the check box, your deposit slip for the respective paycheck will be created along effortlessly. It only charges $2 which is very nominal and you’re sorted in no time.

What are the uses of direct deposit slips?

So, now you know how easy it is to avail of direct deposit slips. Meanwhile, let us share the common uses of direct deposit slips. Here they are…

Social Security Benefits

Back in 2013, SSA declared that the beneficiaries should receive payments electronically. Thus, deposit slips come to your rescue in this case.

Pay Independent Contractors

The cost to pay independent contractors via deposit slip might be a bit higher than W2 Employees. But, you can manage to pay them with deposit slips without going elsewhere.

Child Support & Maintenance

Deposit slips are very useful mediums to send or receive child support & maintenance payments online. For more details, you may contact your state’s department responsible for handling these payments.

Tax Refunds

Do we need to mention that you’ll get your money faster when you use direct deposit for tax refunds? All you need to do is tell your tax preparer about your direct deposit preference. It’s great if you split your refund so that the money goes into different accounts, thus making it easy for you to save some of those refunds received.

So, if you ever feel like creating a deposit slip for your employees, go nowhere but use check stub maker free. How convenient it is!

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