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  • Jun 25, 2020

Real Check Stubs Simplifies Renting Homes – Here’s How!

Real check stubs can help you to get through renting like it’s smooth sailing. Most of your future landlords would ask for pay stubs. If you’re about to rent a home soon, this blog is for you.

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How do real check stubs simplify the renting process?

Income requirements

It’s extremely easy for renters to record income & shows their capability to pay the rent as they make check stubs. The paystubs have all the details regarding their fixed & seasonal income sources as well as additional income like working retail during the holidays.

The key is to highlight a stable source of income in a well-documented manner. It becomes easy for landlords & property managers to make prompt decisions without leaving any room for doubts about the tenant-to-be.

Landlords seek rent security

Every firm is expected to be regular in delivering paychecks so that they become the standard documents to prove that you can afford the rent. It’s sometimes difficult to convince landlords to lend the keys, especially when you don’t have the right documents to prove your eligibility. This is not the case when you have some of your recent Realcheckstubs saved.

What does YTD mean on your check stubs generator?

The size of the home matters too!

One factor that plays a major role in determining rent security is the size of the home you’re willing to move in. Small-size landlords may or may not run a background check, or eviction check, or may not even run a credit check. It may happen that small landlords will ask their prospective tenants to get their credit reports to submit along with their applications.

Also, some firms don’t provide confidential information about the employees on the phone call. Thus, if a landlord calls to cross-verify the income then they may not get the information.

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What if you’re getting irregular paychecks?

It seems very convincing to show paystubs when you have them. But what if you’re receiving them lately all the time? In case, if you’re a freelancer, it might be quite harder to qualify for a new place. A steady source of income is required to be proven so that you will be able to afford the monthly rent.

Pay Stub Builder – One solution to all your payroll issues

Our pay stub builder is one of the best tools to make use of if you’re looking out for genuine pay stubs in minutes. Even if you don’t have any accounting know-how, you can still create paycheck stubs by entering a few basic details only.

Once you win the landlord’s trust, you may get the keys to your new home easily. Isn’t it great?

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