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  • Jun 16, 2020

Bring all Your Payroll Errors at Stake with Free Paystub Generator

Are you using free paystub generator for a long time? Have you encountered any mistakes while using the tool? Possibly yes! You might have made mistakes either while entering figures or skipped the preview and so on.

Paying employees is one of the biggest expenses of any firm & hence payrolls should be processed with pinpoint accuracy. Even if you think that you’ve made a minor mistake, it may take up A to Z processing to fix.

We are here to share the common mistakes and how you can bring them all to an end

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6 Most Common Issues while processing Realcheckstubs

Here are the most common realcheckstubs issues shared, the ones you should avoid while using a free check stub maker with a calculator:

1. Processing Incorrect Information

Employee information should be processed correctly & this includes everything from the employee’s basic details to filling in the payment amount properly. Processing the payroll should not make the company’s impression negative in any way. Also, no rework should take up time in resolving payroll issues.

2. Late Payments

There is a predefined period after which the employees expect payments. It feels very disgusting when payment is received after this period has lapsed and the impression of an employer gets false.

3. Misclassifying Employees

A firm likely has full-time, and part-time employees and independent contractors. Each of them is reported differently to the regulatory tax agency as have different tax requirements. Thus, it is important to classify them appropriately.

If you classify a full-time employee as an independent contractor then he’ll be exempted from certain company benefits which are not proper.

4. Regulatory Changes

As a business owner, you should be aware of any changes/updates/modifications to the law and regulations regarding payrolls. Tax requirements & payroll schedules should be followed. Care should be taken that regulatory tax agency is complied with & no risks should be taken by underpaying or overpaying the employees.

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5. Tracking Overtime

Inaccurate calculation of reporting or overtime is another common mistake while processing real check stubs. Employers should know that there are laws that require them to pay premium wages to employees if they’re working overtime. These laws apply according to the state you live in & how you define overtime.

For instance, if your regular working hours are 8 then you will consider 8+ hours as overtime. You have to decide the amount you’ll pay for working extra hours. This calculation should be done accurately for tracking & reporting basic income properly. Any mistake here can lead to an error in a paystub.

6. Bank Holiday

It may happen that your department forgets bank holidays & it may lead to delay in paying employees. Let’s say for example if your payday falls on Friday & it’s a holiday sometime then it means that paychecks cannot be cut until the next Monday when the bank reopens.

This should not happen, you should plan in advance & take care that no delay happens.

So, are you now ready to process accurate payroll with one of the best free paystub generator?

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