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  • Nov 11, 2020

Why do Employees Quit their Job?

Most companies see frequent employee turnarounds. To be specific, today employees switch jobs more frequently than past generations did.

No wonder the millennial generation is focused on growth & ways to nourish their talent; they are likely to switch companies to advance to the next level of their career.

Do you know? Very few employees choose to stay for 5 years in the same company today.

When you dig deeper as the entrepreneur, you find a multitude of factors influencing this decision. This includes industry, age, gender, education, and so on.

However, what matters for you is to find out the reasons that make an employee quit your firm. And you should also work on them so that you can retain good employees in your company for a longer time.

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7 Common Reasons that make Good Employees quit your Company

1. Controlled work environment

The rule of thumb to keep good employees is to trust them. Get indulged with them in working out the smallest details but allow them to make decisions.

Don’t make them feel like they have to take your permission to do everything. Employees love to work in an environment with a high level of trust and autonomy.

Be a leader who supports and guides a team to let them shine. As a result, you see them performing better and beyond imagination.

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2. Lack of appreciation/recognition

One of the primary reasons employees quit their job is they lack appreciation. Also, this appreciation or recognition isn’t always rewarding them with a trophy.

Lack of appreciation comes in many forms like:

The feeling of getting underpaid
No positive feedback for a job well done
Broken promises during end-of-year bonuses
Reasonable change suggestions have seen ignored

At the end of the day, nobody will want to work hard and bring value to the company if their efforts are ignored.

3. Employees feel over-stressed & over-worked

Believe it or not, one of the greatest ironies of the American work culture is: ‘Highest performing employees are often burdened with the most unreasonable volume of work to perform’

Occasional overload is acceptable. Even your employees understand that sometimes they might have to handle the overload. But when this occasional turns into regular, they will likely demand higher pay.

This scenario becomes critical & when mishandled by the management, you only see your performing talent leave.

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4. Irregularity of realcheckstubs

Besides getting your tasks done, it is your duty to pay employees on time. Give them realcheckstubs with timely payments. This makes them feel valued. Make sure you give them remuneration and reward them with the benefits they deserve.

5. Unhealthy Company Culture

A positive working environment means a lot to employees. No matter if you offer all the attractive perks but if your office environment is toxic, they’re likely to leave.

Plenty of stress and strain appears when the employee’s mental health is affected. Hence, you should take this seriously.

6. Seeing good employees leave

A seldom considered reason is that most employees leave the firm just because they see good employees leaving.

For instance, if a higher-level employee leaves the firm due to stable career growth, work-life balances, etc. And, a month later, another employee resigns with similar reasons.

Sometimes, the company has done nothing wrong. But such waves of transformation also trigger certain actions. Make sure you get regular feedback from your employees on what they are up to.

7. Changes in personal life

Life is never the same. Some employees are growth-oriented people. They will not think twice if they have to switch geographic location for higher pay with extra benefits.

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