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  • Aug 23, 2020

How to Get Direct Deposit Real Check Stubs?

Getting real check stubs is as important as getting pay credited to your account.

No wonder it’s a great feeling to get remuneration in your bank account without going through any other processes. But, you should have evidence of income because it is much more essential than you think. Needless to s

ay that you can produce it while availing credit facilities, renting a home & so on.

3 Tips for better Payroll Management with Real Check Stubs Free

Also, you should access paycheck stubs whenever you create a financial plan. The amounts deducted from your payroll for the given duration, bonus received & breakdown of gross pay should be on hand. In case, if you find any mistake, you can approach your firm.

2 Ways to Avail Direct-Deposit Paystubs

1. Ask for real check stubs from your Employer

Not every state requires employers to share printed copies of payroll with employees. This could be the reason you’re not receiving payroll. But, if you want it, you can request one from your employer.

Employers can easily create them instantly with check stub maker free.

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2. Make check stubs with Paystub Builder

What if you’re self-employed or a freelancer? To whom would you request pay stubs? You’ll have to DIY with Pay Stub Builder. No matter what number of clients you have, you can easily make them in bulk or single, as per your requirement.

Make sure you have check stubs handy

At times, you may not want to have all your check stub copies printed & stacked. Even if you have soft copies, you should keep them handy so that whenever required, you can access them anytime & anywhere without creating a mess.

Thanks to the facility with the best pay stub generator, you get all your paychecks in one place.

Read & verify paystubs downloaded with the best pay stub generator

Besides knowing how to access the paystubs, you should also have a grip on how to read them like a professional. Let us illustrate it for you:

free check stub maker with calculator

  1. Company Logo
  2. Paycheck No. & Date
  3. Employee Information
  4. Pay type
  5. Deductions
  6. Gross Pay
  7. YTD details
  8. Net Pay
  9. Pay period

Easy, isn’t it? We hope we’ve helped you out in getting real check stubs in a hassle-free way.

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