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  • Nov 27, 2021

The 5 Major Payroll Blunders you Should Avoid

Every company must make a tough decision when deciding to outsource its payroll.

The risk of losing management causes a feeling of insecurity, particularly when it involves your most precious resource, your staff. However, it could be used as a deterrent.

Some advantages of outsourcing are well-known, but it is essential to consider one of those in order to have a smooth path through the process which I explained below.

Examine and know your potential partner’s service.

5 Major Payroll Blunders you Should Avoid

1. Tax Agent with a Registration

The licensed Tax Agent must be your payroll provider.

It is prohibited for a payroll supplier to provide payroll services without becoming a fully registered consultant, according to the Tax Practitioners Board’s list of duties that can be supplied as a charged service.

When a business depends on a payroll service, verify that the company is registered.

2. Be real

Recognize your problems and communicate them to your potential provider.

When your supplier is aware of your existing problems, then he/she will be prepared to describe how they will be handled via the use of their tools and platforms.

All present challenges must be treated as a decision factor, not even as a cost-cutting strategy.

3. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

When you’ve selected a partner, your interest may quickly turn into a race to get everything back to us as soon as possible.

  • Set your mind and arrange it properly, particularly if this is your workers’ first experience interacting with the technology.
  • Set up all of the new bells and whistles and ensure that your employees are properly informed about the changes.

Some of your most critical worker involvement and empowerment must be payroll processing.

4. Missing tax payments and reporting deadlines

A smaller company president must keep a schedule along with all the tax reporting and payment dates highlighted on it.

Here as owner, you must also record each worker’s salary and tax withholding, payouts to contract employees, the overall number of tax withholding, and any other data needed by law.

Most smaller companies, on the other hand, frequently miss such deadlines because they are neither focused on them nor focused on other company decisions.

As a result of missing all deadlines for submitting necessary documents and paying payroll taxes, they must pay significant fines.

5. Guidance

Companies commonly believe that by outsourcing, they are taking on a partnership that will handle all of their payroll issues.

This is a typical misunderstanding in outsourcing, as most contractors will simply carry out your instructions.

Check to see if your service provider is competent to help you rather than simply handle the system.

The great payroll partner will also have the knowledge and experience to not only influence demand tax policy updates but also to help with quality standards and you’ll have the right solution for both your company and workers.


Unless you’re having trouble avoiding all of these blunders, then you should be well on your way to improving your current payroll services. This is safe to suppose that companies have to be good themself to the beat of the new trends.

As a result, Online Paystub Payroll Services should be considered. At StubBuilder, we have years of expertise processing payroll for a variety of customers, all while maintaining a strong technological platform.

Online Paystub provides ready services whether you’re having trouble managing your employees or just want to improve your processes to stay up with market trends.

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