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  • Oct 13, 2021

Importance of Amazing and Advanced Paystub Tool

When you are paying for a service in your business, you are either left with high payments or no payments at all. 

Why is this? Because you are not using a tool to handle your pay stubs in a clever way. For example, I tried using traditional pay stub software. But they are overkill and I did not like the way they look. 

Another problem is that you need to have a hard copy of your pay stubs, otherwise you won’t be able to calculate your taxes and time your business on paper. 

And when you are doing that, you have no real trace of all your payments. This was one of my first thoughts when I was searching for a good pay stub tool.

Why it is important? 

You will be surprised by the amount of money you have to spend each year on taxes. First, you have to calculate all your taxes, which is quite time-consuming. And lastly, you have to print out the whole payment book, which is again time-consuming. If you are an accountant, you know how much you have to work on your taxes. But you also know how much work you have to do on your own payroll each year. 

Pay stubs are significant for an employer or a business entrepreneur for the following reasons:

  •   An employer’s legal responsibility.
  •   Withholdings.
  •   Pay stubs improve workplace trust and transparency.
  •   Record-Keeping.
  •   Begin creating accurate pay stubs right away. 

I needed a tool that allows me to: 

Provide invoices, pay stubs, timesheets, and reports, so I can calculate all my payroll quickly, making sure it’s accurate. 

So, I decided to try Paystub. It has an intuitive interface, it’s easy to learn and understand. But, it is an entry-level tool, and it’s not designed for bigger companies with advanced reporting. However, for one to design a payroll correctly, it is very helpful to have this tool. 

How does it work? 

The pay stub tool is connected to your accounting software, making it really easy to do your payroll. The payment book will be formatted in a simple way. You can see everything from pay to taxes. But the interface looks better on a tablet. 

Why does it work? 

It works really well, and the output is really easy to read. It is a single page that displays all the information you need. You can see how many days you have used your employees, how much money you paid for their salary, how many hours they worked, what they earned, and also the tax paid. The output looks really good and it can be saved as an image. 

Try it, you’ll like it! 

Want to create your own pay stubs online software? Check out the marketplace today! 


You can see everything like taxes, salary, income, vacation, sick leave, even tax paid, and average wages. 

Even if your software doesn’t have all these functions, it is really easy to export your files into a PDF and create your own customized pay stub. This is what the Pay Stub tool does for you. 

Another great feature is the timesheets and timesheets that calculate the working hours. It makes sure you don’t have to calculate it by hand. 

Pros of advanced pay stubs

  1. The business can check the calculations
  1. You can easily use payroll software
  1. The payroll can be exported into the payroll system
  1. Easy to calculate employees’ work
  1. You can easily calculate tax
  1. Eco friendly
  1. Easily find out how many days you have worked
  1. Easy to read
  1. In the longer run, save your money
  1. You can easily generate timesheets
  1. Easy to do the report for tax
  1. No chance of an error

While the software is really easy to use, it has some limitations. 

A check stub generator is affordable and accurate for your use. You can also create free real check pay stubs. 

It is also available for single and bulky check pay stubs at a time for small or big businesses. 


Finally, pay stubs are important, and making sure they are correct is extremely crucial. Anyone may use our paycheck stub calculator or paystub generator to maintain track of their finances, apply for bank loans, get credit cards, and use the stub as pay stubs and a good job reference.

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