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  • StubBuilder
  • Nov 19, 2019

Why Preview Paycheck Stub Online Carefully?

Making paycheck stub online is as easy as pie but a small mistake can cost you big. It’s all about the convenience you get at your fingertip and making the most of the tool is up to you. As you know, you can make real check stubs online with three easy steps only: Enter your information, Preview the Paystub, and Instant download and use.

Today we’ll explore the 2nd step of making check stubs online i.e. preview. Here you go!

Why anyone can make real check stubs online?

To Preview is to Verify

What’s a preview? A preview is an outlook of the real check stubs which you’ll get at the end of the process. Proceeding ‘Next’ after the preview is giving your approval that “The details are correct”.

Users are expected to have a glance at all the details entered by them and remain to rest assured that the paystub calculator tool has made precise calculations. So, you need to make sure that this step is not overlooked and that you preview the details carefully.

Things to keep in mind while Previewing Check Stubs Online

  1. When you make check stubs online for the first time, enter the details very carefully and make sure that no spelling mistakes happen.
  2. Keep the entered information saved on your computer so you can verify if you have entered the details properly.
  3. You can have any of your previous digital paystubs opened with which the details of the current check stub can be cross-checked.
  4. The entered amounts should be double-checked. Mostly, when auto-calculation is turned on, only Gross Pay is required to be entered. When it is turned off, the users enter federal tax & other deductions manually. Thus, there should be no room for errors.
  5. It is a good practice to have a look at all the features first and try that nothing is left out to check.

Make Check Stubs with alert-mindedness

When you’ve shown a preview, it is better to take a moment and see if you have all the details as it should be. In case, if any mistake is made from your end, you can go back and correct it. It only takes a few minutes of alert-mindedness and you’re saved from rework and also your time is saved.

If you overlook an error and download the printable pay stubs then you can send us a request for the corrected stub within 48 hours. Our support team at Stub Builder will assist you with the promptness of services but you should take care that you preview the stub properly so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.

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