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  • Dec 16, 2022

Find How to Identify Fake Pay Stubs With 5 Easy Ways Here!

It is essential for a landlord to do extensive background checks on potential renters. If you want to be sure that you are renting to reputable renters who will be able to pay the rent on time, you can request that potential tenants provide proof of income in the form of a pay stub by using stub maker before you decide to rent to them.

There are many online organizations that offer their clients the opportunity to generate false online check stubs for a little charge, and not everybody is honest throughout the application process.

The following are some steps you can take to identify fake stubs generated by the paystub generator to avoid accepting anything that could be fake.

Here are 5 simple methods to detect fake online pay stubs created by stub makers.

If you check more carefully, though, you might be able to see that the pay stub is a forgery, even if, at first sight, it could appear to be genuine. Keep an eye out for these physical characteristics to help you distinguish a false online check stub:

Identify Fake Pay Stubs

#1. The Pay Stub Does Not Include Any Professional Information

Pay stubs are often prepared for employees by accounting and human resources departments. They are professionals. Thus it is highly doubtful that they would supply an online check stub using a paystub generator that has an unprofessional look.

It’s important that the lines, numbers, and letters all align perfectly with one another. Also, keep an eye out for any poorly aligned decimals.

Accounting software will automatically perform the exact alignment of numbers and decimals. The font shouldn’t be either fancy or out of the ordinary. Be on the lookout for any terms that have been misspelled.

Additionally, the stub should be clearly readable and not blurry in any way. The document should be easy to decipher for anyone who attempts to read it.

#2. The total amount of the income is rounded to the nearest whole number

There may be cause for concern if the document has an unnaturally spotless appearance. Verify that all of the figures on the online check stub, including the monthly earnings and any other numbers, are correctly rounded into whole numbers.

On the pay stub, for example, the net salary may be listed as 1,500 instead of 1,498. The majority of online check stubs from stub makers will not feature rounded numbers.

#3. The number zero is represented by the letter O in this context.

If the letter has o’s rather than the number “0,” then the online check stub is definitely forged. Keep in mind that a trained expert would almost certainly not make such an error. In certain formal documents, a line that passes through the zero is used to clearly differentiate between two characters.

#4. The pay stub is missing important parts of data.

The absence of essential information, such as the name, address, and company of the applicant, as well as other fundamental pieces of personal data, might be a dead giveaway.

In addition to that, the document has to contain information on taxes, insurance deductions, and gross pay. Online check stubs, much like other official papers, may typically include part of this information in information in a variety of places across the paper.

If you find any discrepancies, this can be a warning sign that the applicant has provided you with an online check stub that was produced by a paystub generator.

#5. The totals that are listed on the pay stub are not accurate.

You, or your accountant, can spot fake pay stubs by calculating whether or not the earnings and deductions mentioned on the pay stub tally up. This may seem like a time-consuming process if you aren’t a math expert, but it may help you spot false stubs.

If you discover errors in the calculations or a number that does not make sense, there is a probability that the information is fabricated.

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