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  • Mar 26, 2021

4 Signs to Differentiate between Real Check Stubs and Fake Check Stubs

Pay Stub is a crucial document that provides important information about how much a person has earned. Not only does it keep the check to the amount received for the work done, but it plays a significant role in many other tasks.

That is why it is imperative to distinguish between real check stubs and fake stubs, as it can be an ice-breaker.

If you are wondering what difference it makes if you are holding a fake stub. Then you must realize that it is a serious crime.

The fake stub can put you at high risk. To help you prevent such risks, here are four easy ways that will help you identify the difference between a fake and a real stub

1. Are numbers perfectly rounded?

When was the last time you checked your pay stub and verified if the total is perfectly rounded? With no extra deductions and pay?

The rounded amount is a tell-tale indicator that there is some issue with the pay stub. One of the sure things to consider when identifying pay stubs is to check if the numbers for overall pay, monthly income, and annual income are calculated perfectly.

An accountant might make such mistakes while calculating the stub, but the free check stub maker with calculator will never. It won’t leave any room for any inaccuracy.

2. Basic information should all be correct

Fake pay stub generators often mess things with necessary basic information for the person, like a name, address, company name, etc.

It significantly might happen that the generators fail to add some crucial information engaged with the person in the stub. If any information is incorrect or mismatched, you have got a big red flag. Spelling mistakes are also a clear sign to identify fake stubs.

An accountant might typically identify and rectify them. However, with a pay stub builder, you can bid goodbye to such issues. Also, before issuing any stub, make sure to check all the details twice to avoid any mess later.

3. There should be a difference between ‘O’ and ‘0’

Small details make a big difference, and this difference between these two can create a big problem. When it comes to spotting between a fake and a real stub, such small details can be a clear-cut sign to spot a fake stub.

Fake stub generators often don’t bother about checking these tiny details. Again, a good account and an online stub generator would never make this type of mistake, so it is a good sign to keep in mind while spotting the difference between the two stubs.

4. Does it look professional

Your pay stub should be legible and clear. The numbers and the details should be visible on the pay. If the numbers and details are not visible or are blurry, there’s a good chance it’s a fake pay stub.

Also, the stub should have professional formatting so that the person can easily understand it. You can check your stub with details and formatting to ensure you receive a professional stub.

Don’t overlook a poor quality of stub assuming that it’s fine because that comes from a small company or a business as it has nothing to do with the quality of stub.

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