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  • Jun 12, 2024

How to Get Pay Stubs From Kroger: Even After Quitting?

Bernard Kroger established The Kroger Co. in 1883, and it has grown to be one of the biggest grocery chains in the United States. To date, over 3000 stores are distributed in 35 states.

Kroger owns most retail stores abroad, from grocery stores and drug stores to specialty shops. Being a big employer, Kroger has also found steady means for its employees to access their pay slips, hence the free check stub maker.

At Kroger, an H.R. Express application, which is a part of Equifax Workforce Solutions, along with the Tax Form Management Portal from Equifax Workforce Solutions, are used as the channels for disseminating pay stubs.

If you currently work there or recently stopped working at Kroger, you may need to collect your pay stub from your employer for one reason or another.

In this blog, we will talk about Kroger, pay stubs, and how you can get pay stubs from Kroger. Let’s get started.

View Past and Current Pay Stubs in Kroger My info

You can obtain your stubs from the paystub generator on the official Kroger site. Additionally, customers may also contact their human resource office for Kroger pay stubs.

Requesting your pay stub by logging into Kroger workers’ main website would be less of a hassle. After creating an account, the only way you can ask for payment is through an employee I.D. If you are already registered at, then it is not possible to do that, but sign up on their portals if you have forgotten. On another note, you may want to try a free pay stub generator.

Once inside, you can view, download and print your pay stubs.

How To Get Pay Stubs From Kroger Pay Stub Portal?

The Kroger pay stub portal is one such place on the internet which provides an easy way for the employees to look at what they have been paid before printing it out if need be. For as long as your internet connection is strong, it is possible to use any device to access the Kroger Pay Stub Portal. The following is more information on how to get a check stub.

How To Access The Kroger HR Express Pay Stub Portal?

To access the Kroger pay stub portal, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Kroger worker portal. This is the Employee-Self Service Kroger Pay Stub Portal.
  • In the text boxes provided, punch in your employee I.D. and password to gain access to your account.
  • Click on login.
  • Once you have access to your account, locate the required pay stub.
  • At the upper right-hand corner of your screen, tap on Print. This function will download your pay stub in pdf format.
  • Connect your device with a printer to print your pay stub.

How To Get A Kroger Pay Stub From The H.R. Department?

  • Visit any Kroger store near you.
  • Request a printout of your most recent pay stub at the customer service.
  • You will be given a release form to fill out. You will provide details about your job role and a legitimate photo I.D. Once this is finished, you will be given access to your pay stub.
  • In case of errors, you can choose to speak with your H.R. manager in charge of the Kroger store where you work.

How Can You Reach The Last Pay Stub From Kroger After Quitting?

Despite the fact that you may want to collect pay slips from your earlier employment days, you can do so by going to the local store, where you can then ask the employee service desk to print out the final pay stub that belongs specifically to you. You may sign an authorization form just before getting started with these procedures.

How To Contact the Kroger Employee Service Department?

If you’ve got some questions that remain unaddressed, the Kroger Employee Service Department will always be ready to help. They can also offer guidance on how you can get your pay stubs or where else an employee in Kroger needs help.

The contact details for the department are 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). It is open from Monday to Friday between 7 am and midnight (EST). On weekends, however, it does not operate after 9:30 pm (EST).


At Kroger, employed persons can choose among several options for getting their cheque receipts; this implies that any individual who has ever worked with this company has an equal opportunity to obtain their cheque receipts without hassle. You may also opt for using a check stub maker in place of a manual check stubs provision to have an easier time keeping track of salaries.