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  • Mar 28, 2024

Is It Illegal Faking A Pay Stub?

82 million users of US workers experience paycheck errors. Sometimes, a pay stub error is an honest mistake, but various dishonest companies pay their workers under the table, and individuals avoid paying taxes.


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Generating A Fake Pay Stub To Scam The Government


Many businesses and contractors fake pay stub showing they paid more taxes than they did. If this goes unnoticed, they will receive extra money from the IRS.


Commonly, this is known as tax fraud, and it is widely popular at various levels by this name. You will likely be facing heavy penalties. You will need a lawyer. Depending on the fraud analysis and how long you have been committing this scam.


Fake A Pay Stub To Get Loan


This is the most basic fraud, specifically for individuals. If an individual needs a loan but does not qualify for their income, they need to earn more; they can fake a pay stub to increase their chance of qualifying.


This is a criminal offence, and this step should not be taken by anybody as this act can make you face heavy penalties and even jail time. 


Employers Creating Fake Paystubs


Many employers fake a paystub because they are not paying their taxes. This puts the business in jeopardy, and this jeopardy applies to the workers as well. Unfortunately, workers are trusting unquestioningly on their employers to pay their taxes, and they have no clue that their employer is committing fraud. They just create a fake pay stub to hide this from their employees.


Accountant Who Recommends Fraud


In reality, businesses and individuals are often at the mercy of their accountants. Many accountants and tax preparers recommend taking immediate action to save your taxes; however, an honest individual will ensure that you are doing this legally.


A prime example of an accountant advising you to create a fake pay stub and use it to report your income and taxes paid is illegal.


If you hire an accountant who commits fraud, you are the one the IRS blames unless you can prove this was the accountant’s fault. If your accountant is still advising you to commit fraud, chances are that they are also recommending other clients to do the same.



Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you only suffer when you fake a paystub. If you are looking to create a real paycheck stub and a pay stubs generator free Stubbuilder is the answer!