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  • Jun 6, 2024

What is FTD on Teacher Paystub?

What is FTD on a Teacher Paystub? 

That is a valid and common question within the education sector. FTD simply stands for Federal Tax Deposits, which are paid by your employer to the IRS on your behalf during tax season. Let’s take a look at what federal tax deposits are and why they’re important in relation to teacher paystubs.

This is a valid and basic question which is within the education sector. FTD simply stands for Federal Tax Deposits, are paid by the employer to the IRS on your behalf during the tax season.

What are Federal Tax Deposits (FTD)?

Employers pay the IRS a payment, made up of the employment taxes due for their employees, typically professional educators in the public sector. These employment taxes may include withheld income taxes, social security taxes, and Medicare taxes.

What if I am a Teacher But do not Have FTD?

It is rare, but it happens; if you are a teacher and you do not see FTD reflected on your paystub, this could be an administration error or a particular tax situation. We encourage you to contact your school’s payroll department for more information. According to our tests, in many cases, it is just an oversight that is quickly rectified.

Who Must Make Deposits?

Employers may have two different employment tax deposits:

  • Employers filing Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, with $2,500 or more tax due in the current quarter and $2,500 or more tax due in the prior quarter.
  • Employers filing Form 940, Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return with over $500 tax due per quarter.

When To Make Deposits?

If you are required to make a deposit for Form 940, make the deposit by the last day of the first month after the quarter ends.

If you have a deposit requirement for Form 941, there are two easy ways to remember it:

  • Make a deposit the same day you pay your employees
  • Make the deposit before the due date

Who Else Makes FTDs?

FTs are a legal obligation levied on all citizens, not just teachers. Every employer, be it a multinational corporation or a small bakery or neighborhood school, has to make the FTD every business quarter. In this way, the government gets the employment taxes due to it on time.

In essence, employers determine and deduct FTDs on behalf of their employees based on a number of factors. These factors may be things you wouldn’t normally think of, such as your holiday pay or healthcare deductions, which come into play for the final figures you see on your pay stub.

For example, some health plans, such as FSAs, Health Savings Account, or Health Reimbursement Account, may be pre-tax, meaning they would lower a teacher’s taxable income. On the other hand, holiday pay may raise your taxable income for that pay period, thus raising your FTD amount.

Accordingly, based on what we have observed, the type of benefits teachers enjoy from their educational institutions would either be less or more regarding FTDs paid on their behalf by their employer during tax season. Knowing and understanding the different terminologies of a pay slip and their relationship with FTDs will give a better outlook in terms of earnings, deductions, and general finances.

Why are FTDs So Essential?

They are so important because they are the backbone of the financial infrastructure for any country. It is impossible to overstate the role of FTDs, and here’s why:

  • Timely Revenue For The Government: They guarantee that taxes are collected and forwarded to the coffers of the government regularly. With this regular inflow, the powers that be can avoid big financial challenges.
  • Avoid Yearly Chaos: Imagine if everybody paid their taxes only once a year. Other than the government running short of cash for months, the sheer magnitude of processing all those payments at once would be a nightmare.
  • Smooth Operations: Regular tax collection through FTDs assures the government of the capacity to maintain smooth operations, be it in terms of infrastructure development, salaries of public service personnel, or expenditure on defense.
  • Funding For Essential Services: Hospitals, schools, public transport, and emergency services need the government’s funding. Regular FTDs ascertain that such essential services are funded without any break.
  • Peace of Mind For Employees: From experience, most people are satisfied with knowing the purpose of FTDs. For example, teachers will at least have a positive attitude toward their contributions; they will know it’s not just a cut from their salary but is of great use to the country. They can see where their hard-earned money goes and how it benefits society.


Creating paystubs and calculating deductions, like Federal Tax Deposits for your employees in the education sector, no longer needs to be such a pain-filled payroll process.

A little bit of knowledge and the right tools at your disposal, like what we offer at Stubbuilder, to make a check stub will get you in control.