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Situated between the Hudson and Hackensack Rivers, Jersey City encompasses nearly 15 square miles of land at the heart of the New York City metropolitan area. Jersey City has become a modern urban community from its history as a city powered by immigrants working in the shipping and manufacturing industries.

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New Jersey Paycheck Calculator & Payroll Taxes 

  • New Jersey payroll taxes begin with the employees filling out Form NJ-W4.
  • If an employee does not finish this form, you can withhold taxes as no exemptions are claimed.
  • Employees need to update their Form NJ-W4 in case of life events such as marriage or divorce, which might impact their taxes.
  • The personal income tax rate in New Jersey is 1.4%-10.75%.

How Does the New Jersey Payroll Tax Calculator Work?

Your New Jersey employer must withhold FICA and federal income taxes from your checks. FICA taxes include taxes for both Medicare and Social Security. Your employer will withhold 1.45% of your earnings per pay period for Medicare taxes and 6.2% for Social Security taxes. Remember, though, that your employer pays an equal amount to Medicare and Social Security, thus doubling the total paid.

However, if you are single, head of household, or qualifying widow(er), you must pay a 0.9% Medicare surtax on wages over $200,000.

Important Note: Stubbuilder provides a paycheck calculator designed to provide essential guidance. This should not be relied upon to calculate exact taxes, payroll, or other financial data. You should seek a professional accountant regarding any particular requirement.

New Jersey Payroll Calculator and Unemployment Tax Rate

  • Employers pay New Jersey unemployment tax on the first $41,000 of an employee’s wages.
  • New employers not in the construction industry pay at a rate of 3.1%.
  • Experienced employers pay at a rate of 0.6%-6.4%.

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  • What is a New Jersey Paycheck Calculator?

A New Jersey Paycheck Calculator is a tool used to estimate the amount of money an employee will receive on their paycheck after taxes and deductions are taken out, tailored specifically to the tax laws and regulations of New Jersey.

  • How does the New Jersey Paycheck Calculator work?

The calculator utilizes information such as the employee's gross wages, filing status, number of allowances, and any additional deductions to accurately compute the net pay.

  • Why is it essential to use a New Jersey Paycheck Calculator?

Utilizing a paycheck calculator helps in understanding the actual amount you'll take home from each paycheck, enabling informed financial decisions and effective budgeting.

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