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  • Jul 2, 2024

How to Get a Check Stub From Old Navy

If you’ve worked at Old Navy and need to obtain a check stub, you’ll find the process straightforward, whether you’re looking to access it online or through their payroll system. Check stubs are essential for various purposes, including verifying income, filing taxes, or applying for loans.

Here’s how you can get your check stub from Old Navy:

Online Access

Employee Portal: Like many modern employers, Old Navy provides an online employee portal where current and former employees can access their pay stubs and other employment-related documents.

Here’s how you can navigate through this process:

Login Credentials: Ensure you have your login credentials ready. These are typically provided during your employment or can be retrieved/reset through the portal’s password recovery options.

Accessing Pay Stubs: Once logged in, navigate to the section that houses pay stubs or earnings statements. Depending on the system Old Navy uses, this section might be labeled as “Payroll,” “My Pay,” or something similar.

Downloading or Viewing: You should see options to either view your pay stub directly on the portal or download it as a PDF or other file format suitable for printing or saving.

Former Employees: If you no longer work at Old Navy but need access to old pay stubs, the process may vary slightly:

Portal Access: Some companies maintain access to their employee portals for a period after employment ends. Attempt to log in using your previous credentials.

Contact HR or Payroll: If you can’t access the portal, reach out to Old Navy’s HR or payroll department. They should be able to assist you in retrieving old pay stubs, either by providing access or sending copies via email or mail.

Using a Pay Stub Generator

If accessing Old Navy’s internal systems proves difficult or if you need a replacement quickly, consider using a check stub maker:

  1. Choose a Reliable Generator: Look for a reputable and secure free paystub generator online. Ensure it supports the customization options you need, such as company name, employee details, and earnings breakdown.
  2. Enter Required Information: Fill in the necessary details accurately, including your name, address, employer details (Old Navy), pay period dates, and earnings information. Some generators may also allow you to include deductions and taxes.
  3. Generate and Download: Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, generate your pay stub. Please review it carefully to ensure accuracy.
  4. Print or Save: Download the generated pay stub as a PDF or other format. Print it out if a physical copy is required, or save it digitally for future reference.

Tips for Using Pay Stubs

  • Accuracy: Always double-check the information on your pay stub for accuracy. Errors in earnings or deductions can lead to discrepancies in financial records.
  • Storage: Keep digital and physical copies of your pay stubs in a secure location. They are important for tax filing, loan applications, and other financial purposes.
  • Security: When using online portals or pay stub generators, ensure you are on a secure network and that the websites you visit are reputable to protect your personal information.


By following these steps, you can easily obtain your check stub from Old Navy, whether through their online portal or using a pay stub generator. This ensures you have access to the necessary documentation for financial and employment-related needs.